Internet Safety

What are some resources on Internet Safety?

Common Sense Media
OnGuard Online Gov
Raising Children Safely

What are some basic rules for students using the Internet?

  • Never give out any sort of personal information such as your name, phone number, address, parents' names or places of work, or the name of your school and its location. 
  • Never agree to meet anyone you "meet" online.
  • Tell a trusted adult immediately if a web site or its information makes you uncomfortable.
  • Never reply to any message that is mean or makes you uncomfortable.
  • Never send anything to anyone online without speaking to your parents first.
  • Speak to your parents about setting up rules for using the Internet and then follow them. 
  • When you are at school, you must follow the rules of the school district's acceptable use policy for technology.

What is the district's acceptable use policy for technology?

Rules for internet use are included in all student handbooks which go home as a family reference for 
all school policies and rules. Any student Internet user must have an acceptable use policy signed by 
a parent or guardian for the current school year. (Refer to student handbook for full policy).