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Welcome to GMS Computer and STEM education. This year, we are adding new STEM activities to our 8th grade curriculum. We are not offering Aviation Exploration, through the use of five “Fly to Learn” curriculum modules provided to our school by the Civil Air Patrol STEM education program.  Students will also learn about numerous career opportunities that are being offered in the Aviation and Aeronautics industries.

The “Fly to Learn” modules are designed to provide hands-on learning activities that integrate physics and science concepts that are based on mathematical research and computing. Students will be designing their own airplane, designing and launching rockets, and visiting the Laconia airport to have a “real world” experience. During the airport visit, students will have opportunity to talk to the airport manager, visit the Sky Bright Fixed Base Operation office and hangar, discuss opportunities becoming Civil Air Patrol cadets with the CAP Officer, and meet with WinnAero representatives to be introduced to the summer Aerospace Career Education camps. During this “real World” visit, students will sit in an airplane cockpit, touch the controls, and explore the instrument panel just as they learned during their flight simulation activities in their classes. During the Unified Arts rotation, these classes will be visited by an active Delta Airline captain, a business jet first officer and a recently retired air traffic controller from Boston Center.

We are continuing with the innovations to the Curriculum and Classroom activities for the grade 7, 6, and 5 started last year. Grade 7 is involved in Lego Robotics and grades 6 and 5 are undertaking computer coding and learning how to program the computer through block programming and utilization of Java script.