Welcome to the GHS School Counseling Department
The School Counseling Department is here to help service student needs.  The School Counseling Office is open throughout the school day, and students are encouraged to use the variety of information materials available there.  Students are encouraged to make counselor appointments with the Guidance Secretary; however, in case of emergency, a counselor is available to help students.  Counselors provide students with information and other services including individual and group guidance and counseling regarding school and social issues, personal problems, and decision making.  They guide students in scheduling and course selection, and assist with career choices:  i.e., college, military, and job placement.  In addition, counselors administer student testing and interpret these test results and make this information available to students, teachers, and parents.
If you are a former GHS student and need your transcript sent to a college please contact ghsguidance@sau73.org 

 Contact Information: Telephone: (603) 524-7146 extension 217  

Lori Jewett, Director of School Counseling x218 
Case Load:
2018: A - Cassella
2019: A - Curley
2020:  A - Costa
2021: A - Cameron


Polly Camire, School Counselor x 222 
Case Load:
2018: Keyser - Z
2019: O'Mera - Z
2020:  O'Connor - Z
2021:  McGreevy - Z
Monica Sawyer, School Counselor x 219 
Case Load:
2018: Cegelski - Juneau
2019: Dade - Nelson
2020:  Davidson - Nimirowski
2021:  Carpenter - McDowell  


Laurie Belanger, 

Student Assistance Counselor, ext. 220  


Debra Laliberte,

College and Career Readiness Coordinator, ext. 221


Irene Dami, 

School Counseling Secretary, ext. 217

If you are a former GHS student and need a transcript please contact Mrs. Dami @   ghsguidance@sau73.org