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These subscription databases guarantee accurate information. We recommend you use these before a general Internet search as there are no editors or publishers on the Internet. Ask your librarian or teacher for passwords to the databases from remote locations.

Britannica On-Line Databases
Details: This general encyclopedia contains basic information on most subjects arranged in several levels of detail.
EBSCO - Periodicals, DB & Encyclopedias
Details: This periodical (magazine and journal) database has millions of current articles. Remember to use Boolean (use a, and, or not) when searching. (ex. Dogs, not pugs)
American History Online
This database gives you primary source information on American history as well as many other sources.
Login: gilford

Library Card Catalog
Details: Allow you to access the books we have in our library as well as bibliographical information

Opposing Viewpoints
Details: This database has information on current topics, giving various points of view as well as journal articles. Remember that articles are written with a bias.
Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers
Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.

GVRL- Ebook Library- Gale Virtual Reference Library

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