Senior Project 2017-2018

Senior Project provides high school seniors the opportunity to employ the “core competencies” they have acquired at WLC to demonstrate their skills as creative, future-oriented problem solvers. Students are asked to identity their “passion”. (By “passion” we mean: In what subject or activity do they have a keen interest?). Once they have articulated their passion, students are paired up with an in-district mentor and an out-of-school expert. With the assistance of their mentor and expert, students design an essential question to guide their research and the application of that research. At the end of a year of exploration, study, and practice, students present their findings in a public setting to a panel of judges for evaluation. 

WLC Mission Statement

WLC will strive to be a positive learning community that ensures each student has the opportunity to develop to his or her potential. WLC believes all children learn at different individual rates and times and under different teaching and learning situations. We bring the family, school and community together to be accountable for the cognitive, affective, and physical growth of our students. We work together to help them become creative, future-oriented, problem solvers who will take responsibility for their education, live and learn in harmony, and be involved in their school and their community.