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Home of the Tigers
The mission of the Farmington School District is to develop and prepare every individual for lifelong learning and participation in a global society through quality education. 
The Farmington School District is a supportive learning environment for students, school staff, families, and the greater community.

Farmington High School

Office of the Principal

40 Thayer Dr.

Farmington NH, 03835

Principal’s Leadership Team:

Purpose: To be the voice of all students who are attending Farmington High School and for those students who will attend Farmington by providing feedback, organizing events, offering ideas and solutions, and being a representative/ ambassador to internal and external groups.

PLT Membership Expectations:

·       You will need to be committed to the group and to attend the schedule meetings.

·       You will be expected to speak up at meetings to share the things you like about FHS and ways we can improve as a school. You will also be expected to be a good listener.

·       You will be expected to be a representative voice for other students you know at FHS.

·       You will be expected to be positive and, while it is good to be critical, the group will focus on solutions and ideas to better FHS.

·       You may be invited to be an ambassador to speak in front of student or adult groups.

·       You will be expected to communicate with other PLT members to coordinate planning and events across all three sessions at FHS.

·        You will be expected to maintain at least a current grade of a C or higher in your classes, demonstrate regular and reliable attendance at FHS, and be free from disciplinary actions.

Meeting Schedule:

Typically once a month, usually on a Friday. Time and location to be determined.

(Subcommittee/ Special events meetings may meet more frequently.)


Core Values

v Trust

v Integrity

v Genuineness

v Empathy

v Respect

v Success






Farmington High School
40 Thayer Drive
Farmington, NH 03835
(TEL) 603-755-2811
(FAX) 603-755-3252

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM