About North Charlestown Community School

The North Charlestown Community School is a unique building.  The original Farwell School section was built in 1890 and contains two classrooms.  An addition was attached to the original building in 1995.  This past school year, 75 students were enrolled in the school.  The addition contains four classrooms, a multipurpose room, a front office, a nurse’s office, a principal’s office, and a staff room, all utilized by students and staff members.

The staff members at the North Charlestown Community School actively participate in innovative instructional techniques to deliver a quality education to all students.  Continuous staff development is offered so that all members of our staff stay current with best practices in education and the Common Core State Standards. 

The North Charlestown Community School received the prestigious Commissioners Circle of Excellence Award from Dr. Virginia Barry in 2012. 

We are fortunate to have compassionate, caring, and talented staff members along with wonderful students and supportive and involved families and community.  Together we are making a difference.