About the Horticulture Program

Courses in the Horticulture Program are designed to develop skills in several areas of horticulture. The study of and skill development for floral design, greenhouse management and landscaping will occur.

In addition, work skills and habits will be incorporated into each course within the program. Students will learn skills associated with floral shop, greenhouse management, and landscaping careers.

NOTE: Students who complete both years and successfully meet state required competencies while maintaining a “C” average will achieve “Completer” status in the program.

Course Years


Prerequisite: None

Full Year

2 Credits


This is the student’s first year of the two-year Horticulture Program at FMRHS. The beginning of this first course offers the student an introduction to all aspects of the horticulture industry. The primary areas of study are: career opportunities in the industry, plant science, basic floral design, grounds maintenance and greenhouse operations. The school’s floral shop, greenhouse and the surrounding land are all used as labs for developing skills.

The student will be given the opportunity over the course of the year to build upon the basic skills learned initially and will then be actively working in a production greenhouse, small floral shop, and grounds-keeping businesses. Advanced topics introduced as the year progresses include, but are not limited to: types and styles of greenhouses and their uses, “Green” career options, efficient business practices for use in the Green Industry, planning and planting successful greenhouse crops, practicing sustainable environmentally friendly agriculture, planning and implementing seasonal grounds keeping practices, plant identification and usage, and hand and power tool use and safety.

Student will be responsible for individual and group growing, design, and installation projects. Large scale projects will also be a part of the class according to the season and the ongoing planning and implementation of both greenhouse and grounds projects.


Prerequisite: Horticulture I

Full Year

2 Credits


This is the second year course in the Horticulture Program at FMRHS. This course provides returning students the opportunity to expand on the basic knowledge and skills of floral and landscape design and practices developed in Horticulture I.

Areas of study include: the floral industry, the history of floral design, floral design as art form, plant identification, contemporary design, specialty designs, career opportunities and preparation, customer service and shop operations, architectural drawing skills and rendering, landscape design and installation, site analysis and evaluation, using hard goods in the landscape, naturalizing, landscape maintenance, tool identification and usage and developing cost estimates.

The emphasis and expectations in this course are placed on developing a students’ creativity through their own design work and developing independence in their workplace related skills. Students will also continue to assist in all other areas of production in the FMRHS Greenhouse as is necessary.