Claremont and Unity School Districts offer a wide range of special education services
to provide the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities. 
Services range from para support, access to our resource room, to direct speech, counseling, PT and OT services.

Special Education SAU contacts

Christopher Beeso, Director of Special Education
David Cochrane, Out of District Coordinator
Brianna Connell, Executive Assistant
Susan Doody, Medicaid Clerk

Telephone: 603-543-4200 x 6001

If you have a question or concern about your individual child or program, please contact the school.

Special Education School Contacts

Dale Chenette, Principal

Melissa Lewis, Principal

Dan Cherry, Principal


Benjamin Nester, Special Education Coordinator


Child Find

Any child who is potentially a child with a disability at least 2.5 years or older, and younger than 21 years, who is residing in Claremont or Unity, shall be found, identified and evaluated to determine if a disability exists. If a child is identified, the district must provide an IEP and services in that IEP until the child reaches 21 years of age or earns a regular high school diploma.

Referral Process

If you feel a child under the age of 21 years may benefit from special education services due to a physical or mental disability, please submit a letter to the child’s school stating your concerns. The school will contact our referral team to set up a meeting with parents, classroom teachers, special education teacher, evaluation team, and LEA. At this time, the referral team will determine if an evaluation should be conducted to determine any disabilities, and eligibility for special education services.

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