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Last Week of School!

posted Jun 16, 2013, 1:41 PM by

Oh my goodness!  How did we get here?  I can't believe we're already at the end.  It's been quite a year, and we've done so much.  Last week we held our Rain Gutter Regatta.  Congratulations are in order for Mrs. Mason's Class.  They won The Chamberlain Cup and will be displaying it proudly!  There is a lot happening this week.  Here's our schedule:

Monday: iPad presentations and Lobster Visits

Tuesday: Picnic and 5th grade play

Wednesday: 5th Grade Fun Day

Thursday: Yearbooks

Friday:  Last Day - we dismiss at noon

It has been an amazing year.  I'm going to miss everyone, but am so proud of them all going off to 4th grade!

Rain Gutter Regatta

posted Jun 9, 2013, 6:17 PM by

We had a great trip to Willowbrook last week.  The students seemed to enjoy themselves, and we all learned a lot about life in the 19th Century.  Thank you to all the parents who came along for the trip.  It makes such a difference to me to have the support, and I love seeing the children be able to share things like that with their families.

We wrapped up our math last week.  This week we will wrap up our reading.  We will also participate in a great 3rd grade event...The Rain Gutter Regatta.  We'll be learning about boat racing all week and we will be building and testing boats.  Friday the students will race.  Team Smith won the Regatta last year, and I'm hoping we can bring the trophy back to Room 12 for another year!


posted Jun 2, 2013, 5:17 PM by

This week we will be headed to Maine on Thursday to see Willowbrook, a 19th Century village.  The students will have the opportunity to see a printing press, a one room school house, and an old doctor's office.  It's quite interesting.  Our school wide testing wrapped up last week.  The students worked very hard and it was really exciting to see the progress.  We will be taking our math final towards the end of this week, and we will be wrapping up our last story in reading.

Research Week

posted May 27, 2013, 5:38 PM by

Last week was fantastically busy with trips, projects, and tests.  It was great!  I think we learned a lot by being out and about and having an opportunity to do things.  This week we're going to have an iPad research week.  The students have all picked patriotic symbols to research and learn about.  We are using the iPads to do this and will be making Keynote presentations.  I can't wait to see them!

Busy Week

posted May 19, 2013, 8:18 AM by

I've updated the class calendar with all the coming events I am aware of.  Wow, there's a lot coming up!  This week is going to be really exciting.  We have a trip to the Belknap Mill on Monday, we will do iPad research on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday is Field Day, Friday in the morning we have the last of our computer testing, and in the afternoon my father is going to join us for a science project.  I can't wait.  I think we're going to be pretty tired by the end of the week.  Good thing we have Memorial Day on the 27th and a 3 day weekend to refresh ourselves!

Regular Week

posted May 12, 2013, 7:49 AM by

We're into the home stretch.  The 3rd graders that walked through the doors of room 12 in September will soon be headed across the hall to 4th grade.  It's very exciting!

This week there isn't a lot happening, but we still have a few fun things.  All students should have their field trip money and permission forms in this week.  Our trip is Monday the 20th.  All students should get their permission forms in for Field Day on Thursday the 23rd.

We have early release on Wednesday.  We also will be attending a musical production on Friday that should be pretty fun.

Back from Break

posted Apr 28, 2013, 3:06 PM by

I hope everyone has had a refreshing spring break.  It's been getting warmer, and there were several days of sunshine.  Best of all, the trees are getting there leaves!  We have a normal week this week, and will be moving into NWEA testing in the coming weeks.  We've also got 2 field trips coming up as well as field day.  This is the most fun time of year, in my opinion.  There are many things to learn still, but also lots of things coming up to celebrate the good work we have been doing all year.

Early Release and Report Cards

posted Apr 7, 2013, 5:45 PM by

We've done it!  We've finished the 3rd quarter and are into the final stretch.  Grades are finalized in Infinite Campus and you can check there if you are looking for a sneak preview.  We've got early release on Wednesday as well.

I'm going to try something different for reading homework this week.  The students are familiar with the activity, we have done it many times in class.  I thought it would help them to focus on the story a bit and be prepared for the selection test.  It will also be a nice opportunity for them to share what they are reading at school.  On Wednesday their reading books will come home with a scavenger hunt for them to complete.  We usually finish the activity in about 15 min in class, so this shouldn't take them too long to do.  Please feel free to go through the book and check out the story or reread any parts of it that you like.

Grades Closing

posted Mar 31, 2013, 6:44 PM by

It's hard to believe we are at the end of the 3rd quarter.  I'll be working on closing out grades for the term this week, and report cards will be ready on Friday of next week.  We've got Dental Ed on Tuesday, and time for an extra earned recess on Monday.


posted Mar 24, 2013, 6:17 PM by

My fingers are crossed....I hope, I hope, I hope that was our last snow day!  It pushed our lesson on lattice multiplication into this week, so I'll include the videos again.  I cannot stress the importance of learning your math facts enough.  Students should be routinely practicing their facts each night.  Many should be working on their multiplication, but some still really need to solidify addition and subtraction.  We work on facts everyday in our lessons, but students need to practice at home as well.  This is very important.  Happy studying!

Partial Products Multiplication

Lattice Multiplication

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