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Welcome to "R" House! Spaulding High School, home of the Red Raiders!

Every freshman meets with their school counselor in small groups on a scheduled Friday during the month of October. Freshman Fridays help familiarize students with the department and they are a wonderful way for us to check in regarding the transition to high school. Don't be shy-ask any questions you may have! Freshman also have their individual yearly meeting with their counselor in November to discuss their 4 year plan.


  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS are as important as A's in your classes! Take the opportunity to get involved with one of our awesome clubs, sports or community service!
  • Make a 4-year plan for high school. Figure out what classes you'll need to take during each year you're here, including requirements for The NH State Scholars Program. You will meet with your counselor during the winter to discuss your plan for after high school.
  • Explore colleges, careers, military and any option you may be interested in. It is important to take a variety of electives to determine or reinforce your passion!
  • Start (or continue) doing your homework every night! Not only will this help with understanding the material, but it will also reinforce good habits for college!
  • Learn how to study better! Be determined to get A's and B's no matter what! College's don't care about anything less.
  • If you get behind or are just not getting it, get some help IMMEDIATELY! The longer you wait to see your teacher, the deeper the hole gets. We have many classes which offer peer tutoring- take advantage of this amazing opportunity!
  • Get to know your school counselor. Stop in and make sure you have a good schedule, ask for help with anything, tell them your good news or bad. We want to know you well so we can recommend you for whichever path you choose after high school (college, career, military, apprenticeship).