Graduation Requirements

Spaulding High School & R. W. Creteau Regional Technology Center requires a minimum of 26 credits and the following specific requirements for graduation:

Fine Arts: .5 credit

English (one per year in sequence): 4 credits

Health: .5 credit

Math: 3 or 4 credits (depends on YOG)

Physical Education: 1 credit

Science: 3 credits

Physical Science (1)

Physics: Energy in Motion and Chemistry Matters meets this requirement.

Earth Science (1)

Moving Earth and Stars Above and Journey Through Time meets this requirement.

Biology (1)

Social Studies: 2.5 or 3 credits (depends on YOG)

Global Studies (.5)

Civics (.5, may be fulfilled by US History 1, depending on YOG)

US History 1 (.5 or 1 depending on YOG)

Economics (.5)

US History 2 (1)

Digital Portfolio: All students must complete a digital portfolio to graduate.

You can access your Digital Portfolio through Career Cruising.

Don't know your Log-in info? See your counselor. :)

* Please refer to the Program of Studies as there are some course requirements which can be satisfied through various courses. See your counselor if you have any questions about requirements!

But what do colleges want?

Different colleges (and different programs at different colleges) require different high school classes. An easy place to check multiple schools' requirements is CollegeBoard. If you have questions, make an appointment with your school counselor -- we are happy to help you with your search and point you in the right direction!

Recommended credits for admission to post-secondary schools are as follows.

*These credits vary with the intended area of specialization of each student as well as with the demands of each school.

See your counselor for information about specific requirements for your program/school of interest.