Maple Street Magnet School
We are safe, kind, responsible and we persevere. It's the White Tiger way.
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 Mission Statement
  At MSMS we foster a culture in which students, teachers, parents and community work in partnership to challenge and empower a generation that will persevere, innovate, collaborate and lead for the betterment of our community.

February Dates
February 8:     Information Night for Families
                      interested in entering their child 
                      into the lottery. 6:00 pm
February 17:   Parent Talk 9:00am
Feb. 20-24      Student, Family, Teacher Conferences
Feb. 27-3/3     Winter Break

March Dates

March 14:       Pi Night 6:00 pm
       School/Family/Partnership  6:00 pm
This event is rescheduled for April 11.
March 25:       Music in Our Schools

April Dates

April 7:           Parent Talk
April 8:            Literacy Breakfast
April 17-20:     4th and 5th grade students at Nature's Classroom  
April 21:           Parent Talk

May Dates:
May 5:            Parent Talk

June Dates
June 1:            Fifth grade orientation at RMS
June 1 :           Parent Info Night RMS 6:00-7:30

Friday Morning Meeting
Please join us as we celebrate safe, kind, responsible and persevering behavior at our whole school assembly on Friday mornings at 8:30. 

Howie's Field of Dreams

Howie's Field of Dreams is used for an amazing program, "Buddy Ball" for children 5 and up.
If you want to volunteer or register a child please follow the  above link.

 Project-Based Learning at MSMS

Check out Mrs. Mulcahy's Little Free Library, built by Mr. Jim Dickson, located on the MSMS playground. Thank you to all of the individuals who have donated books for the library.

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