The links below provide resources that will support student learning and strengthen reading, writing, and research skills.
ABCmouse for Teachers: create an educator account to connect your students to thousands of learning activities geared towards grades K-1.
ABCmouse: log in to your account.

Epic for Educators: create an educator account to connect your students with thousands of eBooks geared towards grades K-5.
Epic!: sign in to your account.

Read, Write & Think: offers K-12 educators free materials pertaining to reading and language arts instruction. 
The Big6a six-step approach to problem-solving that integrates information search and use skills along with technology tools in a systematic process to find, use, apply, and evaluate information.
Match the Super3: a game created to show students the 3-step process.
The Super3: several slideshows explaining a three step research process that introduces information skills to students.
Super3 Coloring: coloring pages that will help students visualize this 3-step process.
Super3 Dinosaurs: a creative way, developed by Wisconsin Educators, to help students understand the Super3 research process.