New Student Registration Info

Dear Parent and/or Guardian:

Welcome to Three Rivers School.  Before your child will be allowed to attend school we will need the following information: 

  1. The school nurse must have a copy of your child’s immunizations, as well as a current physical exam (within the last two years).  If your child’s immunizations and physical are not current, you must contact the nurse with a date that the child will see his/her physician. 
  1. A copy of your child’s birth certificate will also be required.
  1. Completed signed packet that includes: registration information card, new student enrollment form, release of record form, and bus registration form.
  1. A completed residency affidavit.  We also require proof of residency such as a copy of your tax bill, lease agreement, or your purchase and sales agreement. 
  1. Proof of legal guardianship may also be required which supports residency in Pembroke.

 Due to scheduling arrangements, we will need at least 24 hours notice before your child can start classes once all paperwork listed above is received.

Thank you for your cooperation.