Health Office Information

Health Concerns and Records

A full time nurse is available to attend to students who become ill, injured or need medication at school; and to provide health related information to students, parents and staff.

Exclusion from School

A child must remain out of school with the following conditions:

Chicken Pox

For one week after rash appears or until all vesicles have dried.

Conjunctivitis, Pink Eye

For 24 hours after treatment has started.


Temperature must be less than 100 degrees for 24 hours without medication.

Flu Like Symptoms

Fever with cough and sore throat

Hepatitis Infections

Until jaundice has cleared and physician advises return.


For 48 hours from time treatment is started.


Doctor’s recommendation is acceptable.


Until treatment is started.

Streptococcal Disease

For 24 hours after treatment is started.

Staphylococcal/MRSA Diseases

For 24 hours after treatment is started.  MD note is needed for re-entry to school w/MRSA.


Until treated.

Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

For 24 hours after symptom free.

If your child has a contagious disease or flu like symptoms, please let the nurse  (or secretary) know so she can be alert to signs and symptoms in other children.  If you have questions about any symptoms that your child has please contact the nurse.

Immunizations and Physical Exam:  

All students must have immunizations as required by New Hampshire State Law RSA 141-C:20a, and a physical exam on file before entering school.  Documentation must be given to the School Nurse before starting school.  Any student who has not completed all immunizations and does not have a copy of a physical must do so within a month of notification, or present documentation from a health care provider with a date that it will be given.  If for medical or religious reasons a parent or guardian does not wish their child to receive a vaccination, exemption forms are available from the school nurse.  Please contact your school nurse for a list of currently required or recommended immunizations.  When your child gets an immunization, please provide an updated copy to the nurse/ health office.

Medication Administration:  

Our school policy is the policy recommended by the State Department of Education and adopted by the Pembroke School Board.  All medication must be brought to the school by a parent or designated adult.  All prescription medicine will be administered / supervised to any child by the school nurse, or by another staff member designated by the School Principal.  A written order by the physician /Nurse Practitioner, and 

parent /guardian signature is required.  A parent or parent designee may also come to school to give the medicine to the child at the prescribed time.

Over the counter medication may be given with the parent’s permission at the discretion of the school nurse. This may include herbal medication.  Please keep in mind that only medication that has to be taken during school hours should be administered in school.  All medication should be properly labeled and in its original container.  It will be kept in the school nurse’s office.  All medication must be picked up by a parent or designated adult on the last day of school, unless other arrangements are made with the nurse.  Any medication left at the school over the summer will be disposed of.

Inhalers and epi-pens may be carried by responsible students with written permission (by both the doctor and parent) kept on file in the health office.  For field trips, a staff member, designated by the principal, will be trained to administer the epi-pen in the event the student is unable to do so.  If a child uses the epi-pen, he/she must go to the nurse immediately for follow up care.

Pediculosis/ head lice:

The most common means of transmission of head lice is through direct head to head contact.  Schools are not a common source of transmission.  Students with head lice should be evaluated by the school nurse.  Treatment options will be discussed with parents or guardians and the nurse will monitor the child.

Emergency Medical Procedures:

Whenever an emergency medical situation arises involving a student, the following procedures will be followed. The school nurse will be notified.  The nurse will make an assessment and provide immediate care as needed. The nurse will notify the student’s parent or guardian.  If they cannot be reached, emergency card numbers will be used to contact the individual designated by the parent/guardian.  If necessary, the nurse will notify an ambulance or other medical aid and have the student transported to a hospital.  Students will not be sent home if there is no one to receive them, unless directed by a parent/guardian.

School Nurse
Mrs. Newton

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