Athletics and co-curricular activities help young people develop many aspects of life that are important.  Through programs provided here at Three Rivers School, we hope to encourage sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, responsibility, teamwork, and the ability to get along with others. Interscholastic sports are open to any 6th,7th, and 8th grader (Cross-Country is also open to 5th graders)

     In order to participate on an athletic team or in a co-curricular activity student must have a signed permission.  These permission forms are handed out prior to the first meeting.  

     A current Three Rivers Athletic Policy and Sports Participation/Health Screen Form must be on file at school prior to the student participating in a sport. Also students are required to have a physical exam by their primary care provided on file in the nurse's office prior to their initial tryout or team participation in interscholastic sports.  The physical must be current within twenty-four months of the time of signup for the season in which the child elects to participate.  It is required that parents have insurance coverage on their students participating in sports.