Welcome to Guidance

Guidance is a school-wide resource and support service for students, parents, and fellow educators. Together, we as a school strive to promote student success through academic achievement, social and individual learning. As many of you know, middle school is an exciting, yet challenging time for students, their parents and teachers. It is during these transitional years from childhood to adolescence that students need to explore interests, search for their own unique identity as they begin to turn more to peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation. Students experience extreme sensitivity to the comments of others, and are learning to connect their learning in the classroom to its practical application in life and work. All of this while experiencing high levels of activity with frequent fatigue due to rapid growth. It is no wonder these years can be so challenging. 

It is the goal of Guidance to help address the social, emotional and developmental needs of students, by helping them to develop friendship skills, teaching them strategies to deal with peer pressure, assisting them in improving their self image and determining their values, as well as teaching them how to set goals and getting them to start thinking about their future education and career.

Although it is a lot, it can be done!