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Read it Once Again Story Titles:
                                                     December                                                  January                                                 February
 January Learning Links:

Dress a gingerbread man online. The text is highlighted as it is read to give you directions on what pieces to choose to build a gingerbread cookie.  Various choices allow this game activity to be repeated with differing outcomes while supporting learning and building literacy skills. Click here.
To practice recognition of capital and lowercase letters, print out and use contact paper to laminate the gingerbread man activity pieces.  Separate just the letter cookies you need to go with 2 of the letter boards to start.  Play as a BINGO style game taking turns choosing a cookie letter tile and identify the letter and place it on the correct Gingerbread man cookie.   Work together with your child taking turns to determine which cookie will win!  Play continues until one game board is completely covered.  Play again and see if the same cookie wins or not. Continue practicing the same two boards with your child until they are confident in knowing those letters before moving onto other game boards.Click the GBM letter bingo game pdf below to view and print. Have fun!
 February and winter related Learning Links:
For some winter fun and learning go to www.starfall.com. click on -
   Make a Snowman         "Snowman" to  build a snowman & practice beginning reading and counting
  Make a Valentine       " Valentine" to make a valentine and learn about combining words to make simple statements
Check out this youtube video to sing the song we use in class when learning about 3D shapes in February-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cg-Uc556-Q  Look for 3D shapes in your home!
 For more fun learning activities, Check out www.abcya.com  click on "prek" Some of our preschool favorites from this site include:
           For building Literacy Skills:
                          ABC Bingo- letter ID
                          Alphabet Puzzles- learning about letters with a beginning sound picture
                          UpperCase Lowercase matching
                          Alphabet Match- Letter to corresoponding beginning sound match
                          Sight word Bingo
            For building Math Skills:
                           Number Bingo
                           Monkey Business
                           Counting Fish
                            Shapes and Colors Bingo
                            Shape Construction
                            Make a Snowman
                           Counting Hearts
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