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Mrs. Stanley email
Mrs. Fortier email

Ms Knowlton email
Mrs. Maynardemail
Mrs. Plater email
Miss Taber email

1st Grade
Mrs. Hanson email
Mrs. Martin email
Mrs. Wilson email
Ms. Whistleremail

2nd Grade
Mrs. Przybylski email
Mrs. Sanborn email
Mrs. Shute email

3rd Grade
Ms Nelson email 
Miss. Edmonds email
Mr. Ferguson email

4th Grade
Mrs. Cameronemail
Mrs. Laskowsky email
Mrs. Tatulis email

5th Grade
Mrs. Potter email
Ms. Maxfield email 

6th Grade

Humanities Ms Flanagan- email
Literacy  Mrs. Davies email
MathMr. St.Germain -email
Science Mrs. Peasley email

7th /8th Grade
Math Mr. Dudley emailSoc. Stu.Mr. Fladd email
Sci. Mrs.O'Donnell email

Literacy  Mrs. Clark email
Literacy  Mrs. A. Davies email


Mrs. M. Davis email
Mr. Gallagheremail

Physical Education
Mr. Ruest email
Ms Yelle email

Reading Specialist
Mr. Ghoting email
Mrs K. Davis email

Reading Support
Mrs. McGovern

Mrs. Boisvert email
Mr. Layton 

Math Support/Title I
Mrs. H. Cook email 

Mrs Schonwald email

Library Aide
Mrs. Moore

Mr. Boisvert email
Mrs. Swanson email

School Psychologist
Ms. Aulbach email

Nurses- Health Office
Mrs. Shepard email 
Mrs. Heisey email

Special Ed. Coordinator:
Mrs Trottier email

Mrs. Townsend email

Mrs. Korth email
Ms Johnson email
Mrs. Fitton email

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Mrs. Robert email

Special Educators
Mrs. J. Smith email 
Mr Sandlin email
Mrs. B. Cook email
Mrs. James email 

Mrs. Leuchter
Mrs. McConnell email
Mrs. Vitagliano email
Ms. Hardekopf email

Occupational Therapy 
Mrs. Rose, OT email
Mrs. Flinton, OT email

Mr. Yergeau email

Assistant Principal 
Mr. Smith email

Office Manager

Patricia Lafond email

Admin. Asst.

Mrs. Davitt email

Receptionist/Off Asst

Ms Messier email

Director Food Services
Mrs. Duchano email

Kitchen Staff
Mrs. Caron

Mrs. True

Director of Maintenance
Mr. M Davis email

Maintenance Staff

Mr. Campbell
Mr. Paille
Mrs Estes
Mrs. Surrells

Support staff:
Andrikowich Mrs. Bailey

Mrs. Berry
Mrs. Boucher

Mrs. Tasker
Mrs. Bradley
Mrs. Burgess 
Mrs. Burklund
Mr. Burklund
Mrs. Buzzell 
Mrs. Carozza 
Mrs. Coronati
Mrs. Crawn
Mr M Davies
Mrs. Defranzo 
Mr. Dubiansky 
Mrs. Duhamel 
Mrs. Gaudette 
Mrs. Heon 
Mrs. Hogan

Support staff:
Mrs. Kilham 
Mrs. Kukla 
Mrs. Lacroix 
Mrs. Lafond 
Mrs. Manley 
Mrs. Marquis
Mrs. Nickels
Mrs. Mikkelsen
Mrs. O'Brien
Miss Powers

Mrs. Poole
Mrs. Shaw
Mrs. Shepard 
Mrs. Spindel 
Mrs. M. Smith 
Mrs. Veilleux