After School/CoCurricular

Deerfield Community School

Afterschool Enrichment Program

Spring 2017 - May 16th-June 9th

The afterschool program runs on Tuesday and Friday afternoons this Spring. We begin immediately at dismissal and ends at 4 with the exception of Ecology, which ends at 4:15.  Our program starts with supervised time until classes begin at 3:00. During that time students can relax, have snack, or work on homework.  Each child will be signed in and supervised for the entire time by either the coordinator or program educators.  Students will be signed out by the program coordinator at the end of the day.

The program is run and coordinated by Lori Lopez.  Lori can be reached at In many cases the classes are run by DCS staff but members of the community are also involved in instruction.  All educators who are not DCS staff will have passed a background check.

Sign up by completing the attached form by Wednesday, May 10th.

Mark West: Ecology

Tuesday only, grades 4-6, starting at 2:45, ends at 4:15 up to 14 students

Liz McGovern: Creative writing

Tuesday only, grades 1-8 up to 20 kids.

In the creative writing club students will explore different genres of creative writing through photography, poetry and narrative.  Students will also have time to work on individual writing pieces.  At the end of the club students can choose 1 or 2 pieces to publish in a magazine that will be a collection or work done by students in the club.

Angie Davies: Yoga

Tuesday only, grades 5-8. Up to 10 students.

Mrs. Davies will teach students breathing and stretching exercises to work on calming their mind and body.  Some of these exercises can be practiced by students in their own classes during the day when they are feeling stressed or antsy.  Students will be able to explore their varied levels of flexibility and balance and challenge themselves to improve through each class.  This class welcomes 5th-8th grade students on Tuesday afternoons.

Paula Duchano: Knitting

Tuesday only,Come learn how to knit.  Knitting can be fun relaxing and therapeutic.

Mr. Smith:  Rubik’s Cube Club

Friday only, up to 6 students.

Teaching students the basic algorithm for solving the rubik’s cube.  Students who master the basic solve may be instructed in some rudimentary algorithms of the Frederich method for speed cubing.

Jasmine Yelle: Sign Language

Tuesday and Friday

The Sign Language Club is open to any student from grades K-8. Students will begin by learning the alphabet and numbers. Students will then move on to basic words and phrases such as “How are you?” or “What is your name?”  This is a fun opportunity to learn a new language. The club meets twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. All interested students are encouraged to join regardless of previous experience.

Matt Ferdinand: Mine Craft

Tuesday and Friday - 10 seats per session

First Session: 2 weeks, 4 classes. Grades 5 and 6

Second Session: 2 weeks, 4 classes. Grade 3 and 4

Mine Craft is a game of building, learning and adventure. In this class, students will put their creativity and teamwork to the test as they collaborate to solve challenges and construct unique projects in the digital world.

Kira Peasley: RELAX with creative doodling and coloring

Tuesdays only, May 16th- May 23rd. 3 weeks only. Grades 3-8, up to 10 students.

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