School Board Notes 3/8

posted Mar 12, 2018, 8:28 AM by

Please come to the town hall to vote on Tuesday! In addition to choosing a budget for the town and school district, voters will be deciding to spend additional funds on various projects and electing town and school officials.

In addition to the proposed school budget (discussed in last week’s School Board Notes here), the board has proposed spending on physical plant repairs that turned up in our recent engineering study. The overall estimate of work needed on the building approaches $1.3 million, but the board has proposed adding $150,000 to our building repair fund for use next fiscal year. Two articles on the warrant ask voters to commit $75,000 to the fund from any surplus we may have this year and $75,000 to be raised from taxes.

Voters will also be electing two members to the school board. Candidates are the following (in alphabetical order):

Zach Langlois (current board member)

Shelley Tetrault (current board member)

Leila Thompson

Kevin Verville

Finally, at our brief meeting following the February deliberative session, the board voted to support DCS in applying for a state-level grant to pay for security upgrades to the school, including installing additional cameras. If we receive this grant, the school district will need to match 20% of the funds; the board approved up to $12,500 for this purpose