School Board Notes 2/1/18

posted Feb 5, 2018, 5:08 AM by   [ updated Feb 6, 2018, 5:18 AM ]


Happy February! In New Hampshire February means town meetings are coming up. Since Deerfield is an ‘SB2 town’, our town meeting is split into two parts: the deliberative session, which happens next Saturday (Feb. 10), and the final vote, which happens by ballot on Tuesday, March 13th. The purpose of the deliberative session is to debate with fellow voters and decide the final form that the warrant articles will take on the ballot in March. At the deliberative session voters can add or remove funds from the proposed budget, adjust wording of petition articles, and gain a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding each warrant article.

The Municipal Budget Committee (MBC) held their public hearing for the school budget last week and have settled on a proposed 18-19 budget of $13,392,614. This is only a little bit lower than the school board’s proposed budget of $13,394,698. Some of the discussion at the deliberative session will be to decide what the final proposed budget amount on the ballot will be. If this amount fails in March, the default budget amount will be $13,345,847.

As indicated by the increase in the default budget over this year’s voted budget, an increase in spending next year is mandated to account for changes in both special ed costs and teacher benefits. Both proposed budgets also include a new teaching position for next year. During our budget discussions in November and December, DCS administration made a strong case for adding a teaching position to relieve crowding and increase effectiveness of instruction. The board agreed to this addition, but chose to cut supply requests throughout the school in order to keep overall costs from rising too much. The MBC voted to largely agree with the school board on this matter.