School Board Notes 2/9/17

posted Feb 9, 2017, 10:02 AM by Debbie Boisvert

At our February 1st meeting the School Board finalized plans for the Deliberative Session, which is happening this Saturday morning at 9 am at DCS.  We met with Moderator Jack Hutchinson to coordinate the agenda and made other preparations to ensure a smooth meeting.

One warrant article that will likely involve some discussion on Saturday is Article 1, the proposed operating budget.  As people are likely aware, the Municipal Budget Committee decided to present a budget to the voters that is almost $500,000 less than what was proposed by the School Board.  If approved at the Deliberative Session and on Voting Day in March then it would become the school’s budget for next year.  In preparation for this possibility, Superintendent Sherman and Principal Yergeau presented to the Board last week the places where this money might come from.  While their proposal eliminated money from several programs, the most affected was DCS personnel; the administration argued that meeting a budget cut that large would likely eliminate around four teaching positions.  If the MBC budget is accepted by the voters, this proposal would serve as a starting place for our discussions. Final budget decisions rest with the School Board.

Since deliberative sessions involve motions being made, debated, and amended, the Board proposed the idea of providing background information to voters to assist in keeping up with the discussions that may happen.  This document, entitled Background Information, can be found on the school’s website ( and will also be available at the Deliberative Session Saturday morning.  Remember that babysitting will also be provided so that interested parents can attend.  We hope to see you there! - Nate Oxnard