School Board Notes

posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:19 AM by Debbie Boisvert

One issue that has been on many students’ and parents’ minds lately has been concern over our bus system. Most of us on the School Board have heard complaints this year about problems ranging from space shortages and disorganization to safety concerns. At our December 7th meeting Beth Marino, an 8th-grade DCS student, presented her firsthand account of the problems she has seen recently on her bus. Her report corroborated many of the other complaints that we have heard.

Our contract with our current bus provider, Dail Transportation, is expiring this year and the Board has taken advantage of this opportunity to work on our lines of communication with Dail as well as its parent company, Student Transport Services (STS). We have been informed of recent developments at Dail that indicate that they are taking significant steps to address overcrowding and we have heard from Assistant Principal Chris Smith that use of the new video-recording system has led to increased safety.

One step that would alleviate much of the crowding, adding another bus route this year, is not financially feasible. We will continue to work with DCS administration and Dail to address this year’s transportation situation. Looking ahead with student safety in mind, the Board has tentatively added another bus to the proposed budget for next year. Also, due to the marked improvements in communication recently, the Board has agreed to renew our contract with Dail for another five years.