Technology has forever changed not only what we need to learn, but the way we learn. 

This document is not a laundry list of skills or an add-on to a full shelf of binders with additional work to squeeze into a busy day. It is intended to support existing curriculum and the Common Core Standards, while at the same time:

    • Improving higher-order thinking skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity,
    • Preparing students for their future in a competitive global job market,
    • Designing student-centered, project-based, and online learning environments,
    • Guiding systemic change in our schools to create digital places of learning and
    • Inspiring digital age professional models for working, collaborating, and decision making.1

Note: As are all curriculum documents this one is full of information. Take time to read and watch the videos. We have chosen shorter videos that add new, rather than redundant content. We have also added footnotes about the length and content of the video to help you plan your viewing.  You may want to do this over a series of days. 

If you need a printed copy of any of these pages click the print page link at the bottom of each page, but remember you will only be getting part of the document that way. We will add to the curriculum through out the year, so make suggestions for what you want added and check back.

At the bottom of the page you may find Quick Tips or More Thoughts and Connections. These are additional support materials related to the page. and will be added throughout the year. Materials will also be added to the Keyboarding link and Appendix. 

1 Why are NETS Important?, online available, 6/19/12
INTRODUCTION FOR TECH CURRICULUM from DeerfieldCS on Vimeo. 1:41 - Created by dboisvert for this document using VideoScribe app on the iPad.