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Dojo Ethics:
Open to beginners
Open to all kinds of different creative projects
Challenge yourself
Don't be shy we will be here for each other.
Be open to others.
Time to create

Other Apps to explore on CommonSenseMedia.org
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Explore MIT App Inventor logo
Logon to AppInventor ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/ 

How to build a maze app video

  1. Link to your Google account
Create a new app or working one that you have already created. 
Note: If you have work saved in the tablet/pilot version of AppInventor you will need to convert it to the new version of AppInventor 2.

Other App Tutorials, Tips and Tricks for Appinventor 2
HINT: It will be easier to follow directions written for Appinventor2. You can use tutorials for Classic Appinventor but the coding will need translation.

Appinventor Course in a Box, Professor David Wolber, University of San Francisco 
Other resources include Visual roadmap for programing, Professor Wolber's Appinventor 2 book

Other Resources
Answer to Dojo Questions See the online copy of AppInventor 2 book or check Mrs. Boisvert ipad

Getting Started with the S2 GUI Software

YouTube Video

Teach the Robot to Follow a line 
Faster than the Pony Express, slower than email, but still super fun. Learn how to get your S2 Robot to follow a line, and then use it to deliver messages to your friends!

YouTube Video

Robot Hokey Pokey

YouTube Video