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Need Help?

Check out our documents below.

For Academic Help, click on Academic Help Desk from your VLACS Communicator (Must be logged into course)

For Technical Help, click on Technical Help Desk from your VLACS Communicator (Must be logged into course)

Other questions? Email Mrs.Duval and she'll help point you in the right direction.

VLACS Virtual Open House

VLACS offers Virtual Open Houses

Current 2015 dates are:

Monday, September 14th 7:30pm
Wednesday, September 30th 7:30pm
Wednesday, October 14th 7:30pm
Monday, October 26th 7:30pm

VLACS Parent Accounts

When your child enrolls in VLACS, they must enter contact information for a parent. This information is used to create a parent account in VLACS. This account allows the parent to Approve student course requests and it allows parents to monitor student grades. Please visit this VLACS link for more information.   Your account information will be emailed to the email your student provides during the enrollment process. This occurs within hours of enrollment. 

VLACS Enrollment

We begin enrollment in June because the VLACS enrollment process has multiple steps. These steps are listed and described in VLACS documents below.  All of these steps must be completed in order to start the VLACS course. Please be sure to check your email account(s) frequently as well as your SPAM folder to ensure you see and act on all VLACS correspondence in a timely manner. 

Mrs. Duval 2014 Summer Enrollment Letter (sent home in June)

It is best if you can complete these steps in the summer before school starts. If you do have a Welcome phone call before school starts tell your VLACS instructor when you start school. They will not enable your course until then so you are not expected to complete work prior to having met with Mrs. Duval. Mrs. Duval provides a lot of instruction about online learning as well as providing individual student support at the beginning of the year. It is recommended that you wait to start with Mrs. Duval

If you have questions about the enrollment process or if you have problems getting enrolled, please email Mrs. Duval for help cduval@sau53.org (even if it's summer). 

VLACS Pacing

    Students work at their own pace. Students are encouraged to complete assignments and lessons in order but can do them out of order if a need arises (i.e. microphone trouble inhibiting Voice Activity, extra time needed to study, etc.). VLACS offers generic pace charts within the courses, but CCS students have an extended time frame with our school year running longer than the VLACS pace chart. Since VLACS is open year-round they are able to submit assignments as long as they remain active in their VLACS course. 

    Mrs. Duval has created VLACS pace charts for the courses students are taking. These pace charts were made from the ones on the VLACS classes and brings information about the assignment, point value, estimated time to complete and suggested due date into one place. These pace charts have been populated with suggested due dates for CCS students based on:
students completing work by Fridays (a day of class)
2-3 hours (estimated) of work per week
our school vacation schedule

    These pace charts can be adjusted to individuals. Mrs. Duval will meet with students on a weekly basis to see how they are doing with keeping pace with this pace chart and how it may be adjusted to fit their needs. Students are expected to utilize VLACS time in school effectively. Students may also expect to use additional time outside of school to keep up with the pacing goals that they set. It is possible to finish early. It is possible to accelerate one's pace prior to an upcoming commitment (i.e. Drama club season) so one can take a more leisurely pace in busy times of the year.

The suggested pace charts for CCS students (adjusted by Mrs. Duval):
  •  Suggest Week 1 as September 8th- 12th (this will vary based on enrollment)
  • Do not have students working during Thanksgiving break, Holiday break, February break or April break
  •  2-3 hours of work per week (based on VLACS time estimations).
  • Tentatively have student finishing the course during May 

If you have questions about CCS pacing, please email Mrs. Duval (cduval@sau53.org). Mrs. Duval will share these pace charts with the VLACS instructors, but some forget that we have our own pace. 

***It is IMPORTANT that students remain active in VLACS by submitting assignments on a regular basis. If a student does not submit work for an extended length of time, the VLACS computer system will disable their account and you will need to contact your child's VLACS instructor to resolve. If this occurs, please notify Mrs. Duval immediately so she can assist in the re-enabling process.***

VLACS Parent & Student Resources from Mrs. Duval

Additional Online Resources

Students taking VLACS may find these sources very useful:

Quizlet.com- Make your own online flash cards and play studying games with them. We have a Quizlet class can "VLACS at Chichester Central School" that students can join.

Duolingo.com (French & Spanish students)- This website allows students to learn and practice vocabulary as well as pronounciation. It is not graded, but kids find it fun and engaging. Students can use it via their school Google account. This might be good for just mixing things up a little. 

Spanish411.net- VLACS may not formally discuss some grammatical topics. Students have found some of these online lessons and handouts to be very helpful in understanding what they are learning in VLACS. 

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