Math at Home

Enjoy Family Fun Building Math Skills at Home
Talk up Math!
Do these fun exercises together!

  • Start a coin jar (count the coins, roll coins with coin wrappers)
  • Add and subtract with fractions with a pizza
  • Keep a height chart for family members
  • Tell time using clocks with hands
  • Estimate the cost of a restaurant bill—calculate the tip for the meal.
  • Plan how much food to buy for a party
  • Calculate the cost of one month of school lunch
  • Estimate the number of miles driven in X hours
  • Estimate the time needed to get to your destination
  • Figure the amount of gas you can buy with X amount of money
  • Figure out what your change should be after making a purchase in the store
  • Help measure ingredients while cooking...double or half the recipe
  • Estimate the cost of groceries
  • Play games—like Racko (Hasbro) or Yahtzee
  • Practice multiplication facts while bounding a basketball or riding in the car

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