Bullying Information

Bullying Topics covered in school:

Through the guidance department:

Grades 1-3

  •  “Yoga” breathing to stay calm, think clearly, and make better decisions
  • Second Step Program including social skills, self-regulation, empathy, problem solving, & emotional management
  • Read aloud books to highlight empathy and good sportsmanship.

Grade 4

  •  Read aloud books highlighting mean behaviors/bullying and good vs. bad influences on others.  Respecting others, being a positive bystander, and not all mean behavior is bullying. 
  •  Common language in the lessons include “Nice matters; If it’s wrong, it’s wrong, no matter how many people are doing it; Are you showing empathy?; Use a calm, firm voice and look at the person; Will it matter in 5 years?; If it’s right, it’s right even if no one else is doing it”

In the classroom through teachers:


  • Friendly/welcoming behaviors vs. unfriendly/unwelcoming behaviors
  • Respecting everyone
  • Saying nice things to others

Grade 1

  •  How to be a good friend
  • Accepting differences
  • Everyone belongs

Grade 2

  • All conflict isn’t bullying
  • Why choose not to hurt others (“getting back” at others is not a good strategy)
  • Planting seeds of kindness

Grade 3

  • Reacting to teasing
  • “I” messages
  • Be a buddy

Grade 4

Identifying mean vs. bullying behaviors.  Understanding the role of bystanders

  • Practice being a helpful bystander
  • How my behavior affects others
  • Kaleidoscope program (Judith Howe focuses on accepting differences in others)

Grade 5

  • Identifying mean vs. bullying behaviors.  More information on bystanders
  • Students identify changes they can make so that they may have a positive influence on peers
  • Respect and blending differences

6th Grade:
  • Friendly Teasing vs. Mean Teasing
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Assertive vs. Aggressive Communication
  • Telling an Adult About Bullying is Not Tattling

7th Grade:
  • Cross the Line: Diversity
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Balancing Relationships
  • Be and Active Bystander

8th Grade:
  • Label Shirts, Not People
  • Leave Me Alone! Harassment
  • Rumors and Reputation
  • Telling an Adult About Bullying is Not Tattling


Bullying Investigation Form

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Bully PowerPoint Presentation

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