7th Grade: Prepping the hull and frames

Just some of the materials:


Prepping the work space and getting started:

Attaching the two ends of each hull board together:



Prepping the stitching wires: 


Stacking the hull boards with weights to assist in securing the joints:

It will be easier to sand the epoxy from these boards now - before we assemble the hull:

Assembling the "doublers" and the frame boards:

Mix up some epoxy:


Apply epoxy to the frame boards and frame doublers, then clamping them together:



Good Work Everyone! We're Making Progress!

Frames are nearly completed and getting prepped for installation!


Using a router to soften  the edges of the frames and limber holes:



Frames are ready to be epoxied!

                                        Frames are ready to be stitched into the hull!


Back to prepping the hull boards:


                                                        All hands on deck!







Inspecting the work done:

Looking good Everyone! Take a break!

Hull boards are ready to be stitched together!

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