Welcome to the Rye Rowing Regatta!

(Image: Chesapeake Light Craft) 

About the Project:
The "Rye Rowing Regatta" constitutes the culminating event of a year-long student immersion project called "Finding Your Swing." Students will delve into woodworking craftsmanship of rowing vessels, the history of Rye and New Castle Harbors, and interdisciplinary curriculum content that guides us to the exciting final event: the Rye Rowing Regatta! During the "Regatta," students will take their completed rowing vessels to Rye Harbor and will compete in an invigorating rowing challenge that accentuates the beauty of the vessels, the skills of rowing, and the excitement of racing! Upon completion of the races (there will be three races - one per grade level), the vessels will be returned to Rye Junior High school where we will have a community BBQ to celebrate the accomplishments of the students. One rowboat will be raffled off and the other five rowboats will be auctioned off in order to raise money for future STEAM projects!

Each grade level will build two boats throughout the year (images of each model are below); 6th graders will build two "Eastport Prams," 7th graders will build two "Tenderly Dinghies," and 8th graders will build two "Northeaster Dory's." Each vessel will be constructed with the fittings for a sailing rig that could be added at a later date; thus the row boats could be transformed into sailboats and their marketability is increased!
              (Image: Chesapeake Light Craft)                                                          (Image: Chesapeake Light Craft)                                             
            Eastport Pram                                   Tenderly Dinghy                                             
                                                                                      (Image: Chesapeake Light Craft) 
                                                Northeaster Dory

There will be a total of three races during the Rye Rowing Regatta. The sixth grade students will have three people in each of their Eastport Prams; one person will be the rower, one will be the guide, and the other will be a passenger. The seventh graders will have three people in each of their Tenderly Dinghies; one person will row, one will guide, and one will be a passenger. The eighth graders will have four people in each of their Northeaster Dory's; two people will row, one will guide, and one will be a passenger.

More details are available in the "Finding Your Swing" section.