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Social Studies

Social Studies Overview                                                            Adopted: September 2016

The curriculum and instruction for Social Studies have changed over the years.  Just learning facts and figures of historical events in chronological order is not enough for our students to become the productive and involved citizens we need.  Our Social Studies curriculum is based on the curriculum standards of the C3 Frameworks for Social Studies.  These standards require students to think and process historical events like a historian.  They are asked to question, research primary sources, understand different perspectives of the same event, and determine cause and effect.  They will learn about broader themes and principles of civics, geography, economics, and history. 

Students will be learning and demonstrating the standards through specific content.  The Social Studies teachers from SAU 50 determined the content that is most important for all students to learn with an emphasis on US History.

Kindergarten             Me and My World

 1st                               My School and Family

 2nd                             My Community: Specific to the town of residence

 3rd                              Our Community and Beyond: Types of communities and those around the world

 4th                              Regions of the US

New Hampshire                              

 5th                              US History I: Explorers to American Revolution

 6th                              World Cultures and Geography

 7th                               US History II: Building a Nation (New Government to Gilded Age)

 8th                               US History III: A World Power (WW I to present day)

 Within each course, teachers will make decisions about the focus and specific topics as it is impossible for students to learn every fact and figure.  Students will also be using reading, writing, and research as they learn and demonstrate their understanding of Social Studies.

 More information can be found at:

 National Council for the Social Studies



Herczog, M. (Ed.). (2013). Social studies for the next generation: Purposes, practices, and implications of the college, career, and civic life (C3): Framework for social studies state standards (Ser. 113). Silver Spring, MD: National Council for the Social Studies.

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