Philosophy of Teaching

The practice of teaching art should reflect the practice of making art.
-Peter London
I believe that there is an artistic spirit inside of every individual. I strive to support my students in finding their creative voice while enjoying the art making process. Art is an interdisciplinary discipline, a universal language, and a multi-sensory forum where students learn how to express and visually communicate their ideas and emotions through the elements of art and principles of design. As an art educator, I facilitate a safe environment where I embrace individuality and style and support my students in exploring ideas, navigating available resources, discovering hidden passions, and challenging themselves in various media. Artists have ideas, make choices, but also share and reflect on their work. Sharing one's artwork and reflecting on one's process through critiques and artist statements are core elements of my teaching philosophy. Creating a sense of community through a critique as well as our online art gallery provides an understanding of the greater art world community. Ultimately, I want my students to leave my classroom with the skills to communicate their ideas, whether it is having a conversation about an artwork or being able to create something independently and with a sense of self as an artist. 
                                                    -Laura Sunderland