Curriculum and Instruction

Each grade level will work in a variety of art media, and will learn skills so that they can flourish as independent thinkers and creators. There is a common rubric for all art assignments and this is prominently displayed in the classroom, as well as in individual art folders. Assessments are aligned with the National Core Art Standards. We also take the time to share and reflect on our artwork. Through various critique and sharing forums, students get to hear what others have to say about their artwork. Students also write artist statements describing their work that include details about their individual art making process. 
The art program at Rye Junior High School revolves around the philosophy of Teaching for Artistic Behavior. The last couple of years Laura Sunderland made a shift in her instruction and began to focus on a learner directed classroom. She studied at the TAB Institute at MassArt in July of 2014 in order to dive deeper into choice-based art education. All of the curriculum goals are met through this educational approach, but it is still new at Rye Junior High School. Please contact Laura Sunderland if you have any questions.