7th Grade

7th Graders meet for art twice a week for 45 minutes. At the beginning of every trimester, there will be a teacher directed art unit. This year is a pilot year for the development of a more choice-based art curriculum in 7th grade. After a directed unit at the beginning of the trimester, the artists will be asked to create one-two artworks of their choice with the remaining time in the term. There will be a number of media options, and each artist will be challenged to develop an idea and execute their plan into a finished artwork that matches the expected standards for a completed artwork. 

Below are some examples of students at work and their artwork!
Design a Flag for the Town of Rye
Digital, or Mixed Media
Here are some digital examples:

Hiding in the Art Room
Digital Photography and Photoshop Elements
Clay Vegetable Assignment
7th Graders sketching the vegetables to prepare for building their clay vegetables.
Clay Vegetables waiting to become greenware and then be fired in the kiln. 
                        Glazing the vegetables              Displayed vegetables
Clay Vegetable Dispay in front lobby of RJH

Laura Sunderland,
Oct 23, 2012, 3:06 PM