Welcome to the Osprey Project!

Magnificent in stature, proficient fish hunters, loyal partners,
devoted parents, and indicators of environmental conditions.

Come explore these marvels of the world!

The “Osprey Project” provides opportunities for students to use cutting edge technology as well as scientifically sound environmental observation techniques to remotely conduct inquiry-based investigations and monitoring projects. Students authentically act like scientists as they expand their own understanding of ecosystem dynamics. Through integrating STEAM-based (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) explorations, a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the interconnections and interdependence of local and global communities is fostered. With increased understanding and awareness, meaningful stewardship can arise.


The female osprey

First pair of osprey on nest! (May 2, 2017)

"We've built a pretty nice home for the osprey. I hope they like it!" 
- 8th grade student
The osprey sure do seem to like the nest platform - they moved right in!

- and continue to "nestorate" (move sticks about the nest as if "decorating")!