Mrs. Stacy earned a MEd. from UNH, after completing her 5th grade internship at ORMS in 1999. She began her teaching career the following fall as a full fledged member of the fifth grade team.  Mrs. Stacy has spent many years as a coach for the ORMS cross country and track teams.  She lives in Portsmouth with her husband, three children and their dog Copper.

Large and powerful, our totem has great physical strength but rarely uses this strength against others. Instead, they are calm, steady, and quietly reserved.   They are active listeners and are deeply attuned to their environment, teaching us to be fully present and to listen attentively to others.  They recognize the honorable being within, reminding us that we are much more than appearances.  Firm, yet considerate, they show us that by treating each other with honesty and decency we will thrive together. Through the guidance of this totem we can learn to become more aware of the people and situations around us as we grow and change.


 Extremely intelligent, our totem animal uses a wide range of sounds and gestures to communicate.  They are especially attuned to subtle movements and looks, prompting us to make careful observations, trust our feelings and perceptions, and be gentle when conversing with others.  They have highly sensitive fingers and can even make their own tools to survive in the forest.   This teaches us to use our resources and be creative in our thoughts and actions.


These sociable creatures enjoy private time but are also enjoy being with family and community. They are kind, good natured, and easy going but also extremely loyal and protectiveIntimately aware of each member within the community, they live in family groups, called troops, caring and protecting each other.  They care for family members, both young and old, by sharing food and space.  Our families and friends are our troop and we must care for them in the same way. Our totem animal also reminds us to stay grounded and handle our responsibilities.


Our totem animal reveals to us a sense of nobility, or goodness, and encourages us to be our true selves as we travel through our days.  It also reveals dignity, or self-respect, and shows us that we will feel the best about ourselves through gentleness and peaceful living. It will protect us as we journey through our 5th grade year and will guide us with its big heart.  


Check out the link below to see a video from this year's totem ceremony!



Mrs. Bobo-Caron has a MEd. and is certified in both elementary and special education.  She has experience working as a 5th and 6th grade classroom teacher and began her teacher career in 1992 as a special education teacher in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Mrs. Bobo-Caron is also a member of the board of directors for the One World Language School, where she acts as a consultant on curriculum development, teacher training and teacher evaluation.  She lives in Durham with her husband, two children and their dog Scout.