My name is Ms. Hird. This will be my first year at ORMS, and I'm so thrilled to be in such a great school.  I'm moving back to the seacoast area after spending 5 years in Keene, New Hampshire.

I grew up in York, Maine, but after I graduated from high school, I moved to Keene to attend Keene State College.  There, I studied education in order to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.  In 2016 I earned a BA in Mathematics Education and Elementary Education.  During my last semester of college, I student taught at an elementary school in a fifth grade classroom.  After finishing that semester, I was able to stay with that class until the end of the school year as the long-term substitute teacher.  Last year I joined that same school in Keene, full time, to teach fifth grade.

After spending some time in Keene, I realized I missed home and wanted to be closer to my family and friends back here in the seacoast area.  I’m ecstatic to be back and to start the year at ORMS!

Our totem animal is incredibly quick on it's feetlightning fast in fact.  Being very active, they are constantly moving here and there, to and from, up and down, in and out.  They are always very busy and have the ability to dodge and weave to avoid the best of predators.  This totem brings us the gift of mental agility that can help us reach great heights, but also the courage to work toward achieving challenging goals. 

 The totem that has revealed itself to us is also trusting and confident creature.  It is one of the few wild animals that will eat out of a person’s hand. From this we can learn to be alert and aware, but at the right moment help us to let down our defenses, and to learn to trust in the support of our team.   

Our totem is very social and likes to play with others and is known for being very vocal in both work and play. Their non-stop chitter-chatter can sometimes cause a sense of distraction and chaos. This can teach us to speak clearly and effectively or to go within to be still and listen, depending on the circumstances. 

They demonstrate willingness to take giant leaps, using a special flap of skin that attaches to their front and back legs like a parachute to help them fly, or glide.  This reminds us to have trust in ourselves, and take reasonable leaps as we practice moving outside of our comfort zones.  

Our totem animal shows us how important it is to be prepared.  During the Autumn months this animal is especially busygathering nuts and seeds to get through the winter, but also has the tendency to forget where they store things. This reminds as that there will be times when we need to slow downpay attention, and not to take on more than we can handle. 

Even though our totem animal is so active, it also enjoys simply resting and soaking in the peace and quiet. This teaches us that we shouldn’t get hung up on or stressed out about the little things, and that the balance between work, play, and rest is key to our overall feeling of happiness and well-being.   

Food scarcity becomes an issue for this animal, during the winter seasons.  This means they need to be resourceful and mindful of what they consume, only taking what they need in order to lighten the load.  This teaches us to also strive to plan ahead and prepareand if a change needs to be made, we can be flexible and adaptable.   

Our totem teaches us that even when things get though, we should not give up, but instead shows perseverance and readiness to try different methods to ensure our success. 


Our totem animal gives us many gifts...the ability to solve puzzles, resourcefulness, quick change of direction, storing for the future/planning ahead, balance in giving and receiving, power of rest duringdiscoveryhandling challenges by climbing to a higher place, or gliding into action. 

Our totem animal is the FLYING SQUIRREL. 



My name is Erin Bobo-Caron, but most of my students call me Ms. B.C. The 2017-18 school year will be my 25th year in education, and I am more excited than ever to connect with our new team of students.

I hold a master’s degree in education with a concentration in middle school education, and I am certified in both elementary and special education. My teaching career started back in 1992, working as a special education teacher in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Over the years, I have also gained experience as a classroom teacher in 5th and 6th grade self-contained classroom settings and in a variety of teaming configurations.

For several years, I took a break from the classroom, staying home to enjoy time with my two sons while they were young. During this time, I transformed our renovated garage into a classroom, from which I ran a successful tutoring business, meeting with 10-12 students per week, ranging from 2nd grade to 10th. During those years, I also enjoyed serving on the board of directors at the One World Language School, where I acted as a consultant on curriculum development, teacher training, and teacher evaluation.