Intervention Resources

RTI Handbooks

  •  - this website has several hundred links to other websites that can meet the needs of adapting for various tiers of instruction-doing a search under classroom resources will bring up multiple sites - this site also allows teachers to register free

Vocabulary Support:
  • - created by Stanford University- copy and paste any text- great for primary sources or complex passages- analyze any text and word sift will identify vocabulary that should be used for pre-teaching
  • -enter any website into lingro and the site will become interactive- students can click on any word they do not understand and a defintion will be provided- works with many languages
  • -  This site will analyze and generate vocabulary lists based on text that is pasted- provides examples in context and a visual thesaurus
  • - define lists of words, identify synonyms, create flash cards, quiz yourself

Writing Support:

Reading Support:

  • - free for now in beta version- makes beautiful infographics that can be embedded into a presentation, document or site- ties into Common Core standards
  • - free web based resource- allows you to uplaod a powerpoint and then add audio or video narration- can be shared with others via email for feedback or grading
  • -allows you to create a screencast, record your voice. Free
  • - create multimedia slidecast Free
Math  Curriculum Support:

    Helpmath website
Students log in with their school user name. Password is orms 

Program is set up to give a pretest then assign lessons. 

Teacher log in is by grade level. 
5th- ssadana 
6th- dlachance 
7th- jmacarthur 
8th- lmiller

General Curriculum Support: