Eileen Moran (School Nurse) 

Betsy Manchester (Health Aide) 

We welcome you to visit the Health Office and to share any information regarding your child’s health status with us. Please feel free to call the Health Office if you have a concern on any given day and would like to update us so that we may be of assistance to you and your child. The Health Office will provide basic first aid and care for minor illnesses according to the standards of care established by the NH.Board of Nursing and as directed by local school district policy. Our goal is to promote a safe and healthy school environment for all students. To ensure a healthy environment we will dismiss all ill students who compromise their own health or the health of the school population to their parents or guardians. 

Routinely we perform vision and hearing screenings on all 6th and 8th grade students. Other students are screened if the need should arise. The state of New Hampshire dictates that medications both prescription and over the counter be administered through the health office. All medications must be in original packaging with a written note from the parent. The state also requires that we adhere to the immunization requirements that they establish. Please keep us updated when your child receives an immunization or has any other significant health concern possibly requiring medication or hospitalization so that we may work together with other school staff to ensure meeting your child’s health and educational goals.