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Psst incoming 6th graders supplies and information is available under the "Papers and Forms" section of the website. --> 

Want a little preview of next year? Check out the Websites up above and Ms. Mathison and Ms. Geltz's twitter accounts (links below).

Email addresses for the daily Equinox Update- Everyday we send out homework and upcoming information in our "Equinox Update". Although this will not start for a couple of weeks after the start of the school year. if you would like to be included please click here- EQUINOX UPDATE EMAIL REQUEST.
If you have any issues please feel free to email Susan Mathison at smathison@orcsd.org

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Mrs. Lachance- Math
Ms. Geltz- Language Arts
Ms. Bissell- Science
Ms. Mathison- Social Studies
Mrs. McCarthy- Learning Specialist

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