Math:  Worksheet due tomorrow - even exercises only

Any makeup work and/or reassessments must be completed by Friday, 1/20

Work on suggested IXL sections --GCF/LCM, Whole number, decimal and fraction operations, including numerical and algebraic expressions involving these operations   

IXL extra practice link:  https://www.ixl.com/signin/oysterriver  Students may see Mrs. Lachance for their usernames and passwords if they do not have one.  

Grade 6 math grading guidelines and competencies can be found under "Resources and Favorite Links"

Language Arts: 

Class: Book Trailers-- importing pictures, adding text.

Homework: .

Next Notebook Due Dates:
LA 1: Fri. Jan. 20
LA 2: Tues. Jan. 24
LA 3: Wed. Jan. 25
LA 4: Thurs. Jan. 26

Reviewed Respiratory System and introduced Circulatory System and mapped out the blood flow though the  heart

Work on packet -Respiratory and Circulatory pages due  Friday. Please take cell projects home!

Social Studies:
Class: We defined the difference between migrant, internally displaced person and refugee. 
Homework: Bring in proof that you did something to help make positive change in your community or the world by Tuesday January 31st. 

We will have a quiz on Europe on January 31st

Ms. Mathison's Twitter <--- I think our students should design all new currency. Check out some amazing student work. 

Health- None

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If you have any issues please feel free to email Susan Mathison at smathison@orcsd.org

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Mrs. Lachance- Math
Ms. Geltz- Language Arts
Ms. Bissell- Science
Ms. Mathison- Social Studies
Mrs. McCarthy- Learning Specialist

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