Guidance Department Information

My name is Georgia Scott and I am a certified school counselor for grades 4 through 6.

As a school counselor, I work closely with school staff, parents and the community to provide a positive climate and environment within the school.

The guidance program consists of planned lessons and activities that meet and address students’ various developmental needs. Curriculum is presented as classroom instruction in each class every week for forty five minutes. Our elementary counseling program provides individual and group counseling, coordination of 504 plans, NECAP Testing as well as consultation for SST. Some of the lessons that I implement with the curriculum are:

Peer Pressure
Red Ribbon Week
Bully & Harassment
Understanding Diversity and Accepting Differences
Anger Management
Respecting Others
Positive Peer Interaction
Internet Safety/ Social Networks
Say No to Smoking & Alcohol
Eating Healthy vs. Obesity

My main goal is to meet the needs of the students and help steer their lives in a positive direction.