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Use these questions to create a 'Welcome Survey' for your students!

NewApps Forms Tutorial

Beginner Forms Tutorial will show you how to
Make It Take It
Even More

Ways You Can Use Google Forms in Education

Authentic Classroom Uses for Forms (by Stephanie Karabaic)

Self Paced Online Tutorial

Self-Paced Workshop
You can complete this assessment at your own pace and receive professional development credit!  You will need to complete each module.  When you are finished, you can complete the assessment and paste the URL to the artifact you create during the workshop.

Forms 'Assessment'
You will need to post the URL to your completed 'live form' as the last response in this assessment in order to receive credit.


Google Apps Training Center on 'Forms'

Google Forms is an invaluable app in Google Docs/Drive. Creating forms allows you to collect data from students, parents, teachers, staff, and review the results in a spreadsheet with an "instant graphing" feature. In this course, learn how to create, customize, and publish forms and make use of the data you receive.