Youth and Government

Youth and Government is a simulation of state government sponsored by the Greater Manchester YMCA. It is held annually at the state capitol and legislative office building.  Students in grades 10 -12 are eligible to participate.

The sessions are held in the spring and involve a pre-legislative session on a Saturday and the legislative session on a Friday, Friday evening and Saturday. Students stay in a Concord hotel Friday night. Delegates research and write a proposed law which is debated in one of the many committees students serve on during the week-end. Like the real state government, bills go to the house or senate and if adopted go to the governor for a signature or veto.  Bills that may not be constitutional go to the state supreme court. All government positions are held by students from around the state.

There is a cost involved which students must pay.

Newport High has participated in this nationally recognized program for over 45 years.

Advisor - Calista Thurlow