BIENVENIDO al año escolar de 2017-18

Mi Horario:
  • periodo 1: para planear
  • periodo 2: Español III~ rm 175
  • periodo 3: Intro to Modern language~  rm175
  • periodo 4: Español III~ rm 175
  • periodo 5:  Español II: la sala de clase~ 175
  • periodo 6:  para planear
  • periodo 7:  Español II~ rm 175

  • REGARDING H/W:  It is the student's responsibility to write their h/w down in their agenda.  Although I do my best to update my website daily, there are times when the h/w assignment may change and the site is not updated.  Please know that I teach to the students' needs NOT to my lesson plans.  Therefore, even though h/w is written on the "live" daily plans, it is NOT always what is assigned to the students based upon how the lesson/class went that day.  If the student is unsure of the h/w, they can look at the website, but for better accuracy please ask them to text/phone a friend from THEIR class. 
Usage of Online translators will result in a "0" for the assignment/project/etc.  Please use THIS online dictionary:


We, the WORLD LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT, allow the wearing of school-appropriate hats in class, provided eyes can be seen at all times.   We ask, however, that hats be removed at the time of, and for the duration of, any given assessment.  
Hoods are not allowed per HBHS administration.

Extra help:  I am available everyday during CAVBlock (Tues, Wed, Thurs) and after school (as needed by appointment. :)
Make-up Policy:  Typically, the number of days absent is the amount of time one can receive to complete the work.
                                 However, my policy can be flexible given the student and the situation.  COMMUNICATION is KEY!
                           *** Students should plan to make up most quizzes and tests during PLC time on Friday mornings or during
How to reach me:   Best way:  email:  kristen.roy@sau41.org 
                                     From the email, we can coordinate a date and time to either meet or talk on the phone, if necessary.
         “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” —Abraham Lincoln