(Sra. Robbins is formerly known as Srta. Sheehan)
Sra. Robbins can be found in room 177.

Sra. Robbins is now using google classroom for all student work.  
Please locate all class materials and information there.

Contact Information
The best way to contact me is to send an e-mail to:  erin.robbins@sau41.org
From the email you send, we can coordinate a time to either meet or talk on the phone, if necessary.


IMPORTANT:  No matter where you go on this site, please remember this important rule: Anything that happens in class outweighs any information that might be listed on this website.  I do my best to keep our daily plans and daily homework updated on our GOOGLE CLASSROOM site, but because I teach to my students' needs, our time in class may not always reflect the written plans.  If the student is unsure of the homework, they can look at GOOGLE CLASSROOM, but for better accuracy they should text or phone a friend from their class.

Make-up Policy: Typically, the number of  days absent is the amount of time one can receive to complete the work.  However, my policy can be flexible given the student and the situation.  COMMUNICATION IS KEY!
*** Students should plan to make up most quizzes and tests during CavBlock or PLC time on Friday mornings.***

Extra help:  I am available during CavBlock (Tues,, Wed., & Thurs.), everyday after school until 2:45, & as needed by appointment.