Preschool Staff


Miss Lisa Manzo, Preschool Teacher/Case Manager
Miss Shawna Cutler, Preschool Teacher/Case Manager             

Ms. Jennifer Ball, Preschool Coordinator                                 Ms. Lea Kamen, Speech Pathologist                                                  
Mrs. Brittany Curtis, Occupational Therapist                            Mrs. Lisa Curtis, Preschool Assistant 

The Brookline Early Education Program (BEE) is a comprehensive, specialized program designed to meet the individual needs of preschool students within the Brookline community. This developmental program, located at the Richard Maghakian Memorial School, is for three and four year olds where children with and without special needs have the opportunity to play and learn together.


The emphasis is on guiding children through the normal stages of their development while taking into account the specific needs of each child.  As a quality early childhood/special education program, we focus on developing pre-academic, cognitive, linguistic, motor and self-help skills while addressing  the special education needs of children with identified delays.  Our team acknowledges the primary responsibility to develop partnerships between families and our program in a way that supports and enhances each child’s development.  With parents and staff working together, we strive to give each child the best gift possible - a positive sense of self which encourages growth to his or her full potential. 

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