2012 Schedule and Events

While the schedule will not be modified with respect to times each event is offered, any event is subject to termination from the schedule.  We are hoping to have all events run, however, check back to this master schedule to confirm specific event status.  All changes to this schedule are expected to occur prior to January 2012, however last minute cancellations may occur.

EACH team will be assigned a color when we receive your registration fee.  We will send you a welcome letter (including your team color) and a rules manual at this point.  You are only allowed into an event designated for that color.  A "BLUE" team cannot attend a "YELLOW" event and visa-verse.  Please keep this in mind when assigning students to specific events so that no conflicts occur.

ROOM NUMBERS:  Will be assigned prior to event and distributed when teams register on the morning of the event
OPEN/CLOSED:  This tells you if spectators are allowed.  CLOSED events are not open to the public. OPEN events are open to the public.