You can find the class handouts, including the unit calendar at my Google Classroom site.  

Homework assignments can be found on one of three places:
(1) included in the unit calendar
(2) on the class board in Room 203
(3) on the left of this page, click through on "Homework Assignments"
To get to Google Classroom using a WEB BROWSER:
  1. Sign in to Classroom at
  2. Click Student.
  3. (Optional) Click See How Classroom Works for a guided tour of Classroom.
To get to Google Classroom using a MOBILE DEVICE:
  1. Touch Classroom.
  2. Enter your Google Apps for Education account information and touch Sign in.
  3. Select Student and specify if you would like to receive emails about new features in Classroom.
  4. Touch Submit.
  5. (Optional) Take a guided tour of Classroom or touch Skip to cancel it.