Ms. Girolimon's English classes

SYLLABUS and GRADING POLICY for English 10 Accel. and AP Language and Composition are linked as PDF documents on the webpage for each course. The links for the webpages are on the left-hand toolbar of this page.

During the 2017- 2018 school year I am teaching English 10 Accelerated and AP Language and Composition.


All course materials and information can be found on Google Classroom. Please go to your course website, linked on the left, for GOOGLE CLASSROOM login codes. I only use this website over the summer.

My goal for all of my students is to provide learning experiences that support the core values of HBHS: 

- Integrity
- Intellectual Curiosity
- Innovation
- Individuality
- Involvement in HBHS community

Schedule 2017- 18

Period 1- English 10 Accel.
Period 2- AP Lang. & Comp.
Period 3- AP Lang. & Comp.
Period 4- Prep
Period 5- Prep
Period 6- English 10 Accel.
Period 7- English 10 Accel.

All classes + CavBlock are in room 225.